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The Commune of Strzelce Opolskie is situated along international E-4 route (Zgorzelec - Medyka), on the border of the Opole and Silesia districts, in the western part of the Silesia Upland, north-east slope of Chełmska Mountain. It borders directly with the following communes: Gogolin, Izbicko, Jemielnica, Leśnica, Kolonowskie, Krapkowice, Toszek, Ujazd, Zdzieszowice.

Surveyor point situated at the town hall well in Strzelce Opolskie specifies the level of 233,7 m above the sea level. The highest place in the commune is Kamienna Mountain in Ligota Dolna, of 310 m above the sea level. The area's formation is shaped by shell limestone sediments of the Opole Triassic area. Limestone soil causes presence of springs creating ponds. One of the most characteristic examples is the spring in Rożniątowie on the level of 228 m above the sea level. Rivers Jemielnica and Piotrówka and streams Jędrynie, Rozmierz and Sucha flow through the commune.

Near Strzelce Opolskie there are three natural reservations:
  • Wood - Kamień Śląski
  • Folklore - Ligota Dolna
  • Geology - Annaberg
Annaberg (St. Anne Mountain - commune of Leśnica) (400 m above the sea level) and the town of the same name is situated 17 km south from Strzelce Opolskie. A geological - landscape reservation was created in the south-west slope of the mountain in 1972.